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Hi AJ – we can’t let you know if the meds are causing this but we can tell you they could be – we recommend you get back to your doctor immediately and see about weaning off the PPI ASAP. Hi Robin – I’m so sorry to listen to what you’re going right through. I have no choice but to drink so much water otherwise my food sits in my esophagus.

The idea that heartburn is due to too much gastric acid continues to be popular in the media and the public. For the first three years following the symptoms began, I could only eat an extremely bland and simple diet, often living off applesauce and rice cakes for weeks at the same time.” However, she also offers an panic that became apparent a comparable time as the IBS and GERD. “My symptoms consist of heartburn, severe stomach cramps, constipation, bloating, gas, and sometimes nausea,” she said.

But I do not want to get it wrong and be treating it ineffectively when there is in fact a best suited time to take the pill according to the digestive function of our system. You’ll need to work with your doctor to develop a plan to wean off the PPI before you begin HCL. I’m currently on 40 mg of omneprozol per day, and wondering how I’d go about switching from ppi’s to the HCL. That’s when the severe morning stomach aches started but easily stop Prevacid I start having severe heart burn and chest pain. EASILY don’t eat breakfast I will have a dull ache in my own stomach along with hunger.

I have been coping with digestive issues for almost a year . 5 now. If you pain will stay on a single high level you should check the condition of the esophageal lining. You merely need to get the appropriate dosage of Betaine HCl with pepsin and pancreatic enzymes.

I gained about 60lbs over 2 yrs and had no energy, brain fog, arthritic like pain especially in me feet and knees. I’ve just started taking betaine along with a digestive enzyme before each meal on the advice of an RHN. Sorry to hear that you’re having such a difficult time right now.

People who have celiac disease experience digestive symptoms after eating products containing gluten. Pyloric stenosis: This occurs when stomach acid causes long-term irritation of the liner of the digestive tract. What is acid reflux disorder?Click here to learn about the differences between acid reflux and indigestion.Read now Finally, I told him Personally i think silly about complaining, but I’ve constant headaches, stomach aches, a hard time eating and drinking, and a lack of general energy. Still, I am very apprehensive about this high dosage each day, although following a week on this increased dosage I’ve experienced only slight, intermittent stomach pain but more frequent nighttime bloating and gas.

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Why does wind, burping, flatulence and bloating occur?

Eating rapidly, that may occur once you eat hot foods, gulping drink and food, drinking a great deal of liquid with meals, nicotine gum, smoking or wearing loose dentures all promote air swallowing. Nitrogen, oxygen and skin tightening and: the nitrogen and oxygen originates from swallowed air whilst the carbon dioxide is produced by stomach acid mixing with bicarbonate in bile and pancreatic juices.

In the first couple days there was a gradual relief of symptoms, but once I upset to 4 capsules I began to worsen bloating and abdominal cramps, much like gas pains. I tested positive for SIBO in early 2016 and also have been treated several times with Xifaxan/Neomycin with good results, but the symptoms always keep coming back, and the bloating and gas has been especially bad previously couple months. It doesn’t matter easily eat meat or veggies, I always experience silent reflux (the sensation of experiencing something stuck in my throat) and I get full quickly.

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- October 16, 2019

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