verš verse (poezie); synonyms (n) poem, poetry, rhyme, poesy, stanza, strain, measure, song, clause, paragraph; antonym (n) prose. veršotepec rhymester; synonyms (n) rhymer, versifier, rhymist, bard, lyricist, poet, poetiser, poetizer, writer. veršování versification; synonyms (n) poetry, verse, metrification, songcraft, stanza, stave. veršovat versify; synonyms (v) poetize, verse, accrue, augment, contribute, go, increase, interfere, make, manage.

The stanza rhyme scheme is 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 3, 4, 4, 5, 4, 5R, 5R being the refrain; with the envoy 4, 4, 5, 3, 5R. The rhyming throughout is accurate, and the result is a perfect chant royal. The form is intricate, and the method of checking the various rhyme sounds as they are put down should be followed, to be sure that no rhyming sound is repeated. A great deal of reworking is often necessary to perfect such a form as this. In order to make the envoy the culmination of the verses, it is often necessary to shift the strongest and most vigorous rhyming sounds to it and substitute other words in the earlier stanzas.

overt (zjevný); synonyms (adj) blatant, open, obvious, apparent, clear, explicit, flagrant, barefaced, conspicuous, naked; antonyms (adj) camouflaged, concealed, covert, indirect, 2. public (obecenstvo, publikum, veřejnost); synonyms (adj) common, national, overt, civic, general, communal, mutual, (n) folk, community, people; antonyms (adj) private, confidential, personal. věřit believe; synonyms (v) think, accredit, assume, conceive, consider, guess, reckon, understand, (n) belief, trust; antonyms (v) disbelieve, distrust.

public (obecenstvo, publikum, veřejný); synonyms (adj) common, national, overt, civic, general, mutual, (n) folk, community, populace, (v) open; antonyms (adj) confidential, personal. veřejný 1.

With Charles d’Orleans, the rondel took the distinct form now assigned to it, of fourteen lines on two rhymes. The first two lines reappear as the seventh and eighth, and as the final couplet-a mere variation of the triolet. This double repetition of the two-lined refrain made the form unwieldy. Later French poets shortened the form to thirteen lines, omitting the second line of the original refrain at the end.

rain, (n) drop, descent, downfall, plunge; antonyms (v) rise, increase, ascend, climb, triumph, win, (n) ascent, 2. autumn; synonyms (n) fall, declivity, harvest, cadence, capitulation, cascade, cataract, death, declension, degradation. podzimní autumnal; synonyms (adj) vespertine, nocturnal. poezie 1.

pohár 1. cup (šálek); synonyms (n) chalice, basin, trophy, destiny, fate, bowl, cupful, glass, portion, bleed, 2. goblet; synonyms (n) cup, mug, beaker, flask, jorum, flute, horn, (v) barometer, especially, glaze. pohlavek slap (plesknout); synonyms (n) smack, cuff, blow, hit, whack, (v) clap, knock, beat, buffet, (adv) bang.

postcard; synonyms (n) epistle, letter, mail, 2. card (karta, lístek, navštívenka); synonyms (n) bill, board, ticket, label, carte, menu, notice, placard, postal, (v) tease. The words conveyed by the acrostic are revealed by reading downward the first or italicized letters of each line. The actual writing of light verse calls upon the versifier for every resource and device within the technique of versification. The rhymes should be natural and not rhyme-induced, and the entire treatment natural and adapted to please and amuse.

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